Sunday, July 17, 2011

Digital Forensics Resources

This is a post in response to current discussion on Google+ about where Google+ lies on the usefulness spectrum for digital forensics as well as mediums for information sharing.  Before we talk about how or where to share things we've learned, I want to take a step back and ask where are you learning it from?  Since I've been around this field for a year or so academically, I know I am not aware of all (or even most!) of the resources.  After a quick Google search I didn't see right off-hand what I'd like to do here. The goal here is not to create a comprehensive list, but a high-level list of your favorite sources for all things DFIR.  Where do you find the most valuable information?

Which blogs, papers, conferences, books, Twitter handles, listservs, podcasts, etc. are your favorite?
Where do you go for specific topics (Mac forensics, mobile devices, etc.)?
Do you use the forensics wiki or the custom DF Google search?


List three!


  1. Hey, I'm at GWU studying DFIR. I saw your follow on Twitter and ended up here.

    You already listed one of my favorite blogs for forensics.. but PaulDotCom is a good source for security related stuff in general.
    Books: File System Forensic Analysis by Carrier, Windows Forensic Analysis by Carvey, and The Tao of Network Security Monitoring are all on my top 10.
    Specific interests: Linux (not just forensics) and penetration testing.

  2. Thanks Allyn for the feedback! I came across your blog when I did a Google search for kindle forensics. I did some research on it last fall, but from time to time I check and see if anyone else has done anything with it. I haven't posted it on here (soon to come), but I really enjoyed what you wrote.

  3. Glad to hear my research went to some good use! I'd love to read about what you did with the Kindle.